tablesign casino tablet


Electronic Minimum/Maximum Media
Table Limit Display

Touch Screen

A stunning 7" LCD table sign with touch screen capabilities.


New games, Min/Max bets and screen colors can be easily added via drop down menu.

Built-In Presets

Preset game titles, Min/Max bet limits and colors are pre-programmed.


Pole Mount 1 1/4" Total Height. 7"H x 8.75"W x 1.25"D


Min/Max bets can easily be changed by touching screen.

Ease of Use

Upload media to advertise promotions, restaurants, events and more via WiFi.

tablesign casino tablet


- Easy Installation - Easy to update and customize
- Standard US Power requirements (110V) - Update a single unit locally or customize all units all units wirelessly with an optional admin suite
- All metal housing - Network connectivity not needed for standard operation
- Additional sizes available - Reach your customer at the table with current marketing
- Scrolling message feature - When the game is down, use the standby feature to turn the unit into a full-screen digital signage display
- No Smoking and Reserved modes - Built-in Digital Signage module
tablesign app tablesign app tablesign app

Leverage your marketing and create files of weekly media content.

Manage each of your units on the fly at your venue or remotely through available packages.